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Lift Your Game is a site for sports players, by sports players. Our experts will provide you with the latest news, guides and tutorials to enable you to improve your performance in your chosen sport.

Whether you play soccer or tennis, baseball or cornhole, we’ve got you covered. If you need gear recommendations or further insight into the methodologies of top athletes, look to Lift Your Game for a wealth of sporting knowledge.

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Tom is the main contributor to Lift Your Game.

Tom from Lift Your Game.

He’s a mad soccer fan, but has played nearly every sport under the sun at some point or another. He’s also an accomplished writer, with years of experience producing buyer’s guides and tutorials for athletes online.

Matt also helps create content for Lift Your Game.

Matt from Lift Your Game.

Matt is responsible in large part for most of the football content on Lift Your Game, as a former college-level player. He also played competitive tennis and soccer in his youth. As a fan of a heap of different sports, Matt also helps out with other sports we cover, including weight training, volleyball and baseball.

Our story

Before Lift Your Game was founded, our team was busy doing what athletes do – training and playing our favorite sports, and just having fun.

However, we were struggling to find a single source of quality sports content on the internet.

Despite the quantity of information out there, we struggled to find good answers to what seemed like very simple questions. For example, how do I replace the valve in a soccer ball? What’s the best type of felt to use on a pool table? And how can I improve my agility as a football player?

Eventually, our founders decided to take matters into their own hands. We began countless hours of research, writing articles that we thought, as athletes, other sportspeople would find truly helpful.

The rest is history!

What’s next?

We’re dedicated to continuing to publish engaging, informative articles and videos for athletes everywhere – and this is never going to change.

As a part of striving to achieve this mission, we will be doing whatever is necessary to improve the quality of the content we put out there. Whether it be videos, massive buyer’s guides, or simply easier ways to interact with our content, you can be sure we’ll always be working to make our offering the best it can be.

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