Why Do Soccer Players Shave Their Legs

Why Do Soccer Players Shave Their Legs

You’re probably here because one day, you were watching a soccer match and noticed something odd. This strange observation left you with a nagging question: why do soccer players shave their legs? Well, you may be surprised to discover that the answer has less to do with aesthetics than with functionality. Soccer players shave their … Read more

When Do Soccer Players Retire

When Do Soccer Players Retire

Workers in most professions don’t even begin to think about retirement until they’re at least 60. However, the soccer world is a lot different. 30-year-old footballers are considered “past their prime,” and we’ve even seen players retire at 21! Soccer retirement age differs for each athlete, but by analyzing career patterns as we did, you’ll … Read more

How To Prevent Getting Foot Blisters When Playing Soccer

Two soccer players chasing the ball.

Soccer players who have played for a while have come to accept that they will eventually develop foot blisters because they happen so frequently. Blisters form as a result of shoe and foot friction. There’s nothing worse than playing a full 90 minutes and having your feet sting for the rest of the week due … Read more

Tennis: How To Score – Made Simple

Tennis ball and racket resting on a clay court.

Don’t let the unconventional method that tennis is scored scare you. When you break it down piece by piece and point by point, tennis scoring is actually fairly straightforward. For beginners, keeping score in the sport of tennis can seem a bit confusing. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to score in tennis and … Read more

How To Wash Football Pants: The Ultimate Guide

Football players wearing pants with integrated thigh pads.

Fed up of having a sweaty, grass-stained girdle? Every player’s pants will almost certainly be soiled following a football game or practice. Even if a player was successful in avoiding grass and soil stains, sweat alone would need washing the trousers before the next use. In this guide, we’ll show you how to wash any … Read more

How To Become A Professional Soccer Player

Two college soccer players using a Nike soccer ball.

Ever dreamed of going pro?   If you’re interested in playing professional soccer, you’ll need more than just motivation and natural talent to succeed. You’ll require contacts, assistance, support, performance evaluation, information about your chances, and possibly a little luck. We’re going to take a look at some of the things you can do to … Read more

How To Throw A Splitter In Baseball

How to grip a splitter in baseball.

The most crucial skill every baseball player needs to master is pitching. There are various methods for pitching a ball. In this guide we’ll show you exactly how to throw a splitter in baseball – a fastball variation that’s a great way to pick up a third strike. What is a splitter? A splitter is … Read more