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16 Best Tennis Bags 2022 | 3, 6, 9, 12-Packs, Backpacks & Totes

Are you looking to shop for the best suitable tennis bag for you?

Tennis bags come in an astonishing variety, just like racquets, strings, and footwear.

In this buyer’s guide, we’ll review the 16 best tennis bags for sale in 2022.

We’ll look at racquet bags, backpacks, and totes, assessing their durability, performance, looks, and value for money.

We’ve reviewed 3-packs, 6-packs, 9-packs, 12-packs, backpacks, and totes.



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Best Tennis Bags

Roger Federer and coach Stefan Edberg with the tennis player's tennis bags and equipment.
Roger Federer, seen here at the 2015 French Open with coach Stefan Edberg, has two tennis bags made by his sponsor Wilson. Photo by Frédéric de Villamil licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

First, we’ll look at some classic-style racquet bags. Later on, we’ll review some backpacks and tote bags.

1. Wilson Federer Team Collection Tennis Bag (6/12-pack)

For intermediate and advanced players who have a ton of gear, the two most important factors in choosing a tennis bag are a) its storage capacity and b) how heavy it feels when fully-loaded.

Wilson’s Federer Team Collection bag excels in both regards.

It can store up to six or twelve racquets (depending on whether you buy the 6-pack or the 12-pack) in two different compartments.

This means if you leave some extra room, you can keep your tennis shoes and other gear in one area and your racquets in another.

Plus, this bag has a large exterior pocket, allowing you easy access to your keys, phone, or drink bottle.

Even though it offers a massive amount of storage space, Wilson’s racquet bag is actually very easy to carry due to the lightweight polyester outer and comfortable shoulder straps.

It’s also quite durable – the fabric and zippers hold up very well over time.

What’s more, the price is very reasonable. Even if you go for the 12-pack, you won’t have to break the bank to get this bag.



  • Awesome value for money.
  • Tons of room – two separate compartments.
  • Very light.
  • Good durability.


  • N/A – great bag for the price.
Overall value


2. Babolat Pure Tennis Bag (3-pack)

If you don’t need a huge bag, Babolat’s got you covered.

Their Pure 3-pack has plenty of room to hold three racquets, or two racquets and a pair of shoes.

However, because the internal area isn’t divided, you won’t be able to separate your shoes and racquets unless you take a plastic bag.

When the internal pocket is at full capacity, you can take advantage of the two external pockets located on either side.

They’re not incredibly big, but these auxiliary pockets are capable of storing your water bottle, a spare shirt, keys, a wallet, and your phone.

The main external pocket has a nice hard shell, and there’s even another zip-up pocket inside this pocket to better-protect your valuables.

Although this bag is super-light (in part because it’s quite small compared to a 9/12-pack), Babolat has still taken steps to ensure it’s comfortable to carry.

The shoulder strap is padded and the carry-handle is quite thick, making the bag super easy to pick up, even for junior players.

As you’d expect from a Babolat product, this 3-pack is very durable. For beginners and casual/younger players, it’s a fantastic pick.



  • Two external compartments, including one with a hard shell.
  • Plenty of room on the inside.
  • Very durable.
  • Nice and light.


  • No specific shoe pocket.
Overall value


3. Wilson Tour V Tennis Bag (9-pack)

With their more expensive bags, Wilson includes what they call “Thermo Guard 2.0”.

This basically means that the separate racquet compartment is insulated to protect your hitters from extreme heat and humidity. If you’ve spent an afternoon stringing your racquets to the perfect tension, it’s definitely worth having a bag that will prevent the strings loosening or becoming soft at the court.

Another difference between Wilson’s cheaper and more expensive bags is the outer material. While the Federer Team Collection bag is made of polyester, the Tour V is manufactured with 420D ripstop fabric and comes with a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) coating.

As a result, the outer shell is water-resistant, meaning you won’t get moisture on your phone or wallet unless the bag gets really drenched.

This outer material also makes it easier to wipe down your bag, and it’s incredibly durable stuff.

You also get the other features you’d expect on a more expensive bag:

  • A separate internal compartment for shoes/equipment or spare racquets – the bag can take four or five racquets if you’ve also got shoes, balls and other gear with you.
  • Two large and two small external pockets for easy access to personal belongings.
  • Fully adjustable padded handles and straps.

If you’ve got the money, and need room for four/five racquets plus gear, the Wilson Tour V is a great option.



  • Racquet pocket protects against extreme heat & humidity.
  • Plenty of room in the interior & exterior compartments.
  • Good-quality, adjustable straps and handle.
  • Very durable, easy to clean TPU-coated outer shell.


  • Quite expensive.
Overall value


4. Wilson Advantage II Tennis Bag (2-pack)

The smallest size tennis bag that most companies make is the 3-pack – leaving enough room for two racquets and some gear.

However, Wilson makes a 2-pack, which is great if you walk or ride your bike to the local courts.

Obviously, having a small bag has some downsides. You wouldn’t be able to fit any shoes in this bag, unless you carried your racquet in something else.

It’ll fit a can or two of tennis balls in the external pockets, but it’ll be quite tight if you’ve got two racquets with you.

However, there’s also quite a few benefits to getting a 2-pack. It doesn’t take up much space in your house, and it’s nice and light – the padded strap makes it easy to carry over your shoulder.

Another good thing about this bag is the price – because it’s so small, it’s fairly cheap. Surprisingly, it’s also fairly durable, as Wilson’s craftsmanship is top-notch.

We’d recommend this bag for players who just own one racquet at the moment.

If you’ve got two or more, it’s probably a better idea to go for a 3-pack or a 6-pack, so that you have plenty of room for dampeners, balls, shoes and other stuff you’ll need to take with you to the court.


Wilson Advantage II tennis bag.


  • Decent price.
  • Good durability.
  • Light & easy to carry.


  • Not an incredible amount of room.
Overall value


5. HEAD Core Combi Tennis Bag (6-pack)

Looking for a simple, medium-size bag that’s super lightweight? Check out the HEAD Core Combi.

The 6-pack tennis bag is the most popular option among juniors and intermediate level players for good reason. It has plenty of room, allowing you to store larger items like shoes and clothes. At the same time, it’s not too big and isn’t cumbersome to carry.

HEAD’s take on this style of bag is an excellent all-around option. The two main compartments on the inside are separated, allowing you to keep your shoes/clothes away from your racquets.

Plus, the two smaller pockets are large enough to hold most of your personal possessions. For the price, the amount of storage space you get is pretty good.

This bag also comes with fully adjustable padded shoulder straps plus a padded carry handle, and the material it’s made of is very light.

However, HEAD has made the outer casing relatively thin to save weight. If the bag gets wet, water might leak into the main compartment.

Despite this, the material doesn’t rip or tear easily, so the overall durability of the Combi is superb.



  • Separate internal compartments plus two large external pockets.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Fairly durable.
  • Very lightweight.


  • Outer fabric is quite thin.
Overall value


6. Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Bag (6-pack)

If you’re concerned about the thin material of the HEAD Core Combi, Babolat makes a better quality (but much more expensive) 6-pack.

For the extra money, you get a racquet compartment that comes with isothermal protection.

This means that this section of the bag is insulated to keep your racquet pocket at a consistent temperature, even when it’s incredibly hot outside.

As a result, your strings retain their tension and your racquets play the same, every time.

However, the best thing about this bag is the side pockets, which are incredibly big.

One is ventilated, meaning you can store your tennis shoes or other sweaty gear without stinking out the rest of your bag.

The other is split up into smaller compartments, meaning you can carry around a ton of stuff while still keeping it organized. There’s even a hard protective cover to shield your valuables against bumps in transit.

As you’d expect from a bag at this price point, the Pure Drive is super durable and fairly water resistant.

It’s also very easy to carry, despite being made with a tough outer casing. You get not one but two grab handles, and the padded, adjustable straps can be removed if desired.



  • Thermal lining fitted on the racquet compartment.
  • Super durable.
  • Handy exterior pockets, one of which is ventilated.
  • Fully adjustable straps, padded carry handles.


  • Bit expensive, but you definitely get what you pay for.
Overall value


Best Tennis Backpacks

For walking or riding to the court, grabbing a backpack is probably your best bet.

In this part, we’ve reviewed 6 of the best tennis backpacks available right now.

7. Fila Ultimate Tennis Backpack

Fila’s backpack is a bulkier option than most of the others we’ve looked at. As a result, it’s on the heavy side (when full), but you get much more room to store your stuff.

It comes with a separate compartment at the bottom for shoes and dirty clothes, plus an insulated drink pocket to keep your bottle cool.

What’s more, you can fit two tennis racquets in this bag, as there are two separate racquet pockets.

This storage space is simply fantastic – Fila’s product is one of the few backpacks available that can hold two racquets plus a heap of tennis gear.

But the capacity of this bag isn’t the only feature that’ll make your life easier when at/ traveling to the court.

It also comes with five different outer pockets (separate to the shoe compartment), one of which is felt-lined to protect valuables like your phone.

This makes it easy to grab your towel quickly in between games – there’s a compartment for pretty much everything.

The Fila Ultimate isn’t cheap, but it’s not expensive either. Considering the storage space on offer, the handy pockets, and the durability of this bag, it’s definitely worth the money.



  • Massive amount of room – can hold up to two racquets.
  • Tons of separate compartments, including one for shoes.
  • Insulated drink pocket.
  • Excellent durability.


  • Slightly heavy when full of stuff, but still easy enough to carry.
Overall value


8. HEAD Tour Team Tennis Backpack

A cheaper, simpler option is HEAD’s Tour Team backpack.

Unlike the Fila Ultimate we just reviewed, you’ll only be able to get one racquet in this bag (plus other equipment).

However, this makes it lighter and easier to carry, which is especially important for juniors. Most kids and casual players only own one racquet anyway, so going for something with a smaller overall capacity is fine.

This bag is essentially split into four different sections:

  1. The main compartment, which provides plenty of room for tennis equipment like balls and dampeners. There’s a separate area for your shoes in this section too.
  2. The racquet compartment, which separates your hitter from your other stuff, avoiding potential damage to the string bed.
  3. A front zipper pocket for medium-sized items like your towel and some snacks.
  4. Two side pockets for smaller belongings, like your keys, wallet, and phone.

There’s also two bottle holders – one on each side of the bag, so you don’t have to carry your drink separately.

Since this is a fairly durable bag, the only thing we can fault it for is the lack of a second racquet sleeve.

It still has plenty of room though – if you have an oversize racquet and a bunch of gear you’ll still be able to fit it all inside this backpack.



  • Lots of room – tons of pockets (including a shoe compartment).
  • Reasonable price.
  • Great durability.
  • Styish – available in four different colorways.


  • Only one racquet sleeve included.
Overall value


9. Babolat Pure Tennis Backpack

Another two-racquet backpack is the Babolat Pure.

This bag comes with a massive main compartment, which has dividers for organizing your gear.

Unfortunately, the racquet pocket has just a single sleeve, meaning your racquets will be sitting against each other (if you pack two into the bag).

However, the Pure comes with a handle protector to keep your equipment safe from bumps and knocks.

Unlike the two other backpacks we’ve looked at so far, this bag doesn’t have just a single designated shoe compartment.

Instead, you get two ventilated areas for shoes or other damp items, allowing you to keep your two shoes separated if you want.

You also get three medium/large size exterior accessory pockets, and a neoprene headphone hole which goes into the main compartment.

For a fairly big bag, Babolat’s backpack is incredibly light. The straps are reinforced for durability, including the chest connector strap, which helps to prevent the bag from moving when riding your bike.

In return for all these awesome features, this backpack comes with a fairly hefty price tag. This is the only major issue with it really, apart from the lack of a separate drink pocket.



  • Very light.
  • Tons of room.
  • Great build quality.
  • Comes with two ventilated pockets.


  • No specialized water bottle pocket.
  • Bit expensive.
Overall value


10. Head Tennis Backpack

If you play the odd tennis match with your kid or a sibling, you’ll want a bag that can fit two racquets plus tennis gear.

However, for casual players, it’s not really worth spending a ton of money on a backpack with a heap of fancy features.

The HEAD Elite is great in that it can hold two small/medium size racquets, while still being relatively inexpensive compared to most bigger backpacks on the market.

Even with two racquets in the racquet compartment, you’ll still have room for a few balls, a pair of shoes (in their own designated compartment), two drink bottles (in the side pockets) and some snacks.

This bag even comes with a front pouch to store personal belongings, and there’s a chest strap to prevent movement when walking/cycling.

So what’s the catch? Essentially, this is a very simple bag. There’s no racquet handle protector, no headphone cable hole, and no small accessory pockets.

If you keep your phone in the front pouch, it might move around a bit as you carry the bag.

Although you don’t get a ton of special features, this bag has pretty much everything you need as a beginner or occasional tennis player. The durability isn’t amazing, but this is to be expected given the price.



  • Fits two racquets.
  • Excellent price.
  • Plenty of room – separate shoe compartment.


  • Durability could be better.
  • No small accessory pockets.
Overall value


11. Babolat Team Line Maxi Tennis Backpack

For some competitive players, getting a 6-pack isn’t an option. You might have to cycle or take the bus to matches, meaning these bigger bags are far too cumbersome.

If this is the case, you’ll need a backpack, but you’ll need it to have plenty of storage room.

Fortunately, Babolat has you covered.

Their Maxi backpack can hold up to three tennis racquets, a pair of shoes, and a ton of other gear.

As well as the massive main compartment, the padded racquet sleeve, and the ventilated shoe tunnel at the bottom of the bag, you also get four separate accessory pockets for other tennis equipment and personal items.

What sets this backpack apart from its competition though is how tough it is.

The Maxi has that heavy duty feel that you’d normally only experience with a 9-pack or a 12-pack – the outer casing is incredibly strong, and you won’t have any zipper issues.

At the same time, the bag doesn’t feel all that heavy, even when full of gear. The ergonomic back design and padded, adjustable straps make it super comfortable to carry.

This is a fantastic bag. Although it’s pretty expensive, we think it’s worth the money.



  • Ventilated shoe tunnel.
  • Padded racquet sleeve.
  • Incredibly tough.
  • Surprisingly light.


  • Costly, but it’s worth the money if you can afford it.
Overall value


12. Ame & Lulu Game On Tennis Backpack 

Who says tennis backpacks have to be boring?

Ame and Lulu’s stripy bag is one of the cutest options on the market right now.

There’s three different designs to choose from – we love the “Sunny” style in particular! No matter what you pick, this backpack is sure to stand out.

It isn’t just a fashion accessory though – this bag functional too.

It’ll fit up to two racquets, and there are two zip pockets for your personal belongings.

Plus, it comes with handy side compartments which are great for carrying a tin of tennis balls or your drink bottle.

This bag is also super light, ensuring you’re fresh and ready for anything when you hit the court.

The downside to this backpack is its size – it’s fairly small, so you’ll have to pack your stuff pretty tight if you’re taking two racquets.

It’s also on the expensive side, but in saying this, it’s really well-made – you definitely get bang for your buck.



  • Cute striped design.
  • Three different styles to choose from.
  • Well made – good durability.
  • Very light.


  • Pricey.
  • On the small side, but there’s a decent amount of room.
Overall value


Best Tennis Tote Bags

Another option that’s particularly popular among female players is the tote bag.

In this section, we’ll review 4 of the best tennis tote bags on the market at the moment.

13. Maggie Mather Tennis Tote

Some tote bags are really flashy, featuring a diverse color palette.

If this doesn’t appeal to you, the Maggie Mather tennis tote could be just what you need.

It comes in a few calm colors like black, as well as some more exciting styles like fuchsia.

The main color is complemented nicely by the white stitching, making for a sophisticated bag that avoids looking obnoxious.

In terms of functionality, this tote is a well-rounded bag. The racquet pouch can hold up to two racquets, and there’s another two pockets on the front for storing your valuables.

There’s also a ton of room in the main compartment – you could fit racquets, shoes, balls, a drink bottle, and some snacks in the bag with ease.

Although Maggie Mather’s travel tote is one of the more expensive options out there, the craftsmanship is excellent.

The adjustable straps are easy on the arm, and the seams hold up well. Also, the outer material is designed to be slightly water repellent, so it’s not a big deal if you get a little rain on your bag.



  • Simple, elegant design.
  • Tons of space, plenty of pockets.
  • Great quality – durable.
  • Holds up to two racquets.


  • Slightly expensive.
Overall value


14. Hadaki Tennis Travel Tote

This is a slightly smaller bag than the Maggie Mather tote we just reviewed.

If you just have one racquet, it can be better to have something that’s a little easier to move and that’ll fit more easily in a tight spot in your car.

Despite being a relatively slim bag, the Hadaki tote still has a lot of room – there’s space for two racquets if you need to take a spare for a friend.

There’s also plenty of room for shoes, a change of clothes, and any other gear you might need.

Plus, it comes with a discreet internal pocket as well as a more obvious external one, allowing you to have your snacks within easy reach while keeping your keys out of sight.

The best thing about this tote though is the design.

Hadaki has a huge range of vibrant patterns on offer, and each bag comes with a variation print on the inner fabric.

The colors are super bright – not only will you be able to spot your bag easily, but you’ll also be able to notice small items when rummaging around at the bottom of your tote (as long as you go for a light color).

If you’re looking for a fun, roomy bag that isn’t too big, you can’t really go past Hadaki’s tote.



  • Massive range of colors available.
  • Lots of space – can hold two racquets plus other equipment.
  • Includes two handy zip pockets.
  • Stunning prints on the interior and exterior.


  • Bit expensive, but you definitely get what you pay for.
Overall value


15. Wilson Women’s Tennis Tote

Not a fan of designer labels? If you’re looking to save a little money, Wilson makes a tote that’s much cheaper than the bags we’ve looked at so far.

Despite being a relatively inexpensive option, this bag certainly isn’t terrible-looking.

It has a quite simple design, but it’s a very elegant tote. The highlights on the aqua model are simply stunning, but the pink and grey options are a bit plain by comparison.

What this bag may lack in looks it makes up for in functionality. The main sleeve is well-padded, and can hold up to two racquets plus your other tennis equipment.

There’s also two smaller side pockets, which would be perfect for a drink bottle or a can of balls.

In addition, you get a hidden zip pocket at the front so you can quickly access your valuables.

However, this is a relatively small bag. If you’ve just got a single racquet you should have enough space, but you might have issues if you need to take two medium/oversize racquets to the court.



  • Reasonable price.
  • Side & zip pockets aren’t too big, nor too small.
  • Simple, elegant design.
  • Racquet compartment is well-padded.


  • Not an incredible amount of room in the main section of the bag.
Overall value


16. Ame & Lulu Emerson Tennis Tote

For those with two oversize racquets, most smaller bags won’t cut it.

Ame & Lulu’s Emerson bag has plenty of room, but it’s by no means massive. In fact, it’s very light (weighing in at 18oz), so carrying it around is a breeze, even when you’ve got a full load.

The outer canvas is water-repellant and the interior is made of nylon, so your bag will look good as new even if it gets a little wet.

As well as internal and external zip pockets, this tote comes with metal legs, meaning it’ll stand up when you set it down, as long as there’s something fairly weighty in the main compartment.

As you’d expect from a premium women’s fashion brand, Ame & Lulu offer this bag in a heap of awesome styles.

From retro plaid fabric to gorgeous pineapple patterns, there’s truly something for everyone. The colors on offer are quite modest, but your bag will definitely stand out from the crowd.

This tote is also fairly durable, but there are more economical options on the market.

In saying this, if you’re looking for style and substance, the Emerson is worth its hefty price tag.

We think it would make an awesome present for the tennis addict in your life.

But if you want to keep this bag all to yourself, just say it was an early gift from Santa. 🙂



  • Multiple modest yet eye-catching styles available.
  • Proper legs to stop it falling over.
  • Very light, easy to carry.
  • Good durability.


  • Expensive.
Overall value


Tennis Bag Buyer’s Guide

Now we’ll outline some things to consider when buying a brand new tennis bag.

Since there are literally thousands of different options on the market these days, this buyer’s guide aims to help you sort through the different products and choose the perfect bag for your specific needs.

Different types of tennis bags

There’s a few different styles of tennis bag you can choose from:

  1. With a cross-section that’s shaped like a tennis racquet, the classic “pack” bag is designed to hold anywhere from two up to fifteen tennis racquets plus accessories. If you travel long distances to matches and need the best possible protection for your valuable gear, as well as a lot of extra storage space for your equipment, this is what you’ll need.
  2. Tennis backpacks are an option for casual players with one or two racquets. As you’d expect with a backpack, you can carry a decent amount of stuff around with relative ease. If you ride the bus or walk to games, or you don’t have a ton of towels, balls, and spare racquets to take with you, having a smaller backpack can make your life easier and save you money when buying.
  3. Tennis tote bags are much smaller than the “pack” style bags. They’re meant for carrying one or two racquets plus a few smaller accessories, and are shaped like beach shoulder bags. Their surging popularity has seen fashion brands enter the market, providing stylish totes meant for female players.
Roger Federer carrying two tennis bags.
Roger Federer using two classic racquet bags.

The “packs” explained

Tennis bags, particularly the ones for serious players (like the Wilson bags Federer is using in the picture above), are labeled as “3-pack” or “6-pack” or even “15-pack”.

This refers to the number of tennis racquets you could theoretically fit inside the bag.

For casual and beginner players, a 3 or 6-pack is probably your best bet. This will provide plenty of room to carry a few racquets and your accessories.

On the other hand, serious players will need more space.

If you’re an aspiring pro, you’ll likely want a 12 or 15-pack to be able to carry everything you need, including your collection of racquets, snacks (Federer loves bananas!), water, electrolyte drinks, balls, towels, sweatbands, and even a spare pair of shoes.

Remember though that your choice isn’t as simple as “I have six racquets, I need a 6-pack bag”.

The number refers to the maximum number of racquets it can carry, meaning if you put six racquets in a 6-pack, you won’t have much room for anything else.

It’s a good idea to go a bit higher than what you think you might need – you never know how many racquets you’ll have in three months’ time!

Who makes the best tennis bags?

If you need a classic-style bag or a backpack, go for what you know. Leading tennis brands like HEAD, Babolat and Wilson talk to the pro players they sponsor on a regular basis, so they know how to make a quality bag. These companies make products which offer great protection against knocks/bumps in transit as well as really useful features (like ventilated shoe pockets).

For tote bags, there’s a larger number of quality options available, as numerous fashion brands have taken advantage of the popularity of this accessory.

You can explore options from a much wider range of companies without fear of being ripped off – just be sure to look at a ton of reviews before making your mind up.

What should I look for in a tennis bag?

Andy Roddick carrying his tennis bag.
Andy Roddick carrying his tennis bag after winning his semi-final match in the Legg Mason Tennis Tournament, Washington D.C. in 2009. Photo by Keith Allison licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Here’s what you should look for when choosing a tennis bag:

  • reputable tennis brand, unless buying a tote bag. As we just discussed, these companies know how to make a quality bag.
  • Accessory pockets – consider how much stuff you end up taking to the court for a regular match. Lay your gear out on your bed and consider whether it would fit in the external pockets/internal space of the bag you’re considering buying.
  • Insulated racquet compartments to ensure your string tension stays the same, even in hot and humid conditions.
  • Useful storage compartments. Some bags for example have a separate ventilated area for your tennis shoes. This is a great thing to have – be sure to consider the main construction of the bag as well as its smaller accessory pockets.
  • Padded, adjustable straps. Nothing is worse than having a really heavy 12-pack that’s super uncomfortable to carry.
  • A waterproof/water-resistant outer shell, which can protect your equipment during wet weather.
  • Good reviews. Online shoppers are always going to tell you if a bag sucks. Amazon’s reviews in particular can be really helpful in determining how good a product actually is.
  • Cool colors/designs. There’s a ton of choice out there, so be sure to pick a bag that looks awesome and matches your personality.

Should I get a more expensive bag?

In most cases, it’s worth buying the bag that costs an extra $20-$30 rather than going for the cheaper option.

If you pay a little more:

  • You’re likely to get something that’s more durable.
  • You’ll have more room to fit extra racquets or gear you buy down the line.
  • The bag will likely be lighter and easier to carry.

Obviously, not all expensive bags are worth the money.

It’s also probably not worth buying a massive bag if you’ve only got one or two racquets, as it’ll be annoying to lug the extra weight around with you for no good reason.


This is the end of our tennis bag buyer’s guide!

We hope you found what you were looking for. If you’re still unsure what to get, leave a comment below and we’ll get right back to you.

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