How To Wash Football Pants: The Ultimate Guide

Football players wearing pants with integrated thigh pads.

Fed up of having a sweaty, grass-stained girdle? Every player’s pants will almost certainly be soiled following a football game or practice. Even if a player was successful in avoiding grass and soil stains, sweat alone would need washing the trousers before the next use. In this guide, we’ll show you how to wash any … Read more

How To Clean A Football Helmet: The Ultimate Guide

Football player being tackled.

Tired of the smell inside of your helmet? Your football helmet emits an awful odor that is caused by germs from perspiration, skin cells, and occasionally blood. Because it is enclosed, moist, and warm, these germs love to develop and multiply in your football helmet. In this guide, we’ll show you how to clean your … Read more

7 Best Footballs 2022 | Leather/Composite Balls Reviewed

Bag of American footballs.

Is your current football always deflating randomly? When looking for the best football, there are many things to consider, especially because different positions on the field may use the ball in different ways. We’ve compiled this list because there are a ton of footballs available. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll review 7 of the best … Read more

8 Best Football Helmets For Concussion Prevention In 2022

A lineman using a football.

American football is a competitive sport that calls for intense competition. The most terrifying possibility for an athlete is that they might suffer a concussion during a fierce competition. With so much discussion surrounding concussion in American football in the media lately, choosing the best football helmet for you or your child can seem daunting. … Read more

Best Football Mouthguards For The 2022 Season

Football player using a mouth guard.

Struggling to find the right football mouthpiece for the 2022 season? A mouth guard shields your mouth from falls and high-impact strikes when playing sports. In addition to protecting your teeth, mouthguards are made to protect the lips, gums, and jaw. In this buyer’s guide, we’ve reviewed 7 of the best football mouthguards for sale … Read more

11 Best Football Girdles In 2022 (Integrated Padding)

Football girdle worn under pants.

In this buyer’s guide, we’ve reviewed the best football girdles for sale in 2022. We’ve looked at some integrated and traditional options, including a youth football girdle for younger players. After that, we’ll discuss some key things to consider when buying, to help you find the perfect football girdle for your specific needs. BEST OVERALL … Read more

How To Clean Football Shoulder Pads | The Ultimate Guide

Football player wearing low profile shoulder pads.

Want to get rid of the smell in your shoulder pads? In this guide, we’ll show you how to clean and dry your shoulder pads, allowing you to remove dirt and completely eliminate smells. Here are the steps involved: Preparation Removing dirt and grime Disinfecting and deodorizing Drying Preparation Before you begin cleaning your shoulder … Read more