How To Build A Pool Table: The Proper Way

An example of a finished pool table.

  So, you’ve decided to build a pool table! Making your own billiards table is one of the most satisfying things you’ll ever do, if you get it right. Nothing is more rewarding than sinking balls on something you put together from scratch. There are other benefits too. The table will be easier to maintain, … Read more

Learn How To Spin A Bowling Ball: In-Depth Tutorial

Man playing ten pin bowling.

  Getting your ball to hook (curl) is crucial if you’re to make consistent strikes. To achieve this movement, you’ll need to impart spin on the ball. Why bowl with spin? Spin is important if you’re looking to hook the bowling ball. By throwing a curling ball, you’ll be able to impact the area of … Read more

How To Clean Pool Balls: The Ultimate Guide

Dirty pool table and cue ball.

Got dirty pool balls? Cleaning chalk marks, stains, and yellowing off of billiard balls is actually a fairly easy process. You’ve got two options to get the job done: Detergent and water: useful for semi-regular cleans (removing chalk marks). Professional clean/polish solutions: a better option if your balls need a deep clean (for removing long-term stains … Read more

How To Make Cornhole Bags

Duck cloth cornhole bag dimensions.

Making your own cornhole bags is super satisfying – nothing beats using something you’ve made yourself! The process is also relatively easy – if you’ve got a sewing machine, there’s only a few more items you need to begin making your very own cornhole bags. What You’ll Need To make one bag, you’ll need: Sewing … Read more