Privacy Policy

By accessing our website and/or our services, you agree to the privacy policy outlined below. These terms are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Data We Collect

Website logs

Each visit to a page on our website is logged on the server our website is hosted on. Data collected in relation to your visit includes:

  • Your IP address.
  • Your user agent string.
  • The URL visited.
  • The date/time of the visit.

This information is stored for security purposes and to ensure our service is able to remain online in the event of a malicious attack or hardware/software error. It may be used to identify and mitigate potential Denial of Service (DoS) attacks against our website, for example.

Cookies – analytics and affiliate programs

Lift Your Game uses cookies to better serve you on our website. As well as cookies used by the WordPress content management system and the plugins installed (used for caching, for example), our site also uses session-based cookies for the purposes of website analytics. Certain information pertaining to you and your usage of our website (for example, your country, the pages you visit, and interactions with those pages), may be collected and stored anonymously.

Lift Your Game is an affiliate of third-party service providers, including Amazon. When you click on an outbound link to a website we are an affiliate of, this may create a cookie in your browser or device detailing when the visit was made. The date and time of the click may be used by the retailer to determine whether Lift Your Game is entitled to a commission for any purchase(s) made by the user in the days after the initial visit to the external website.

User-submitted information

Lift Your Game offers services whereby users can sign up to a) interact with site administrators/writers/other users or to b) access exclusive content/offers/services.

For blog comments and queries sent from the contact page, the following information is collected and stored on our servers in order to administrate comments (approving/denying them) and to reply to user enquiries.

  • Your comment/message.
  • Your email address.
  • Your IP address.
  • Your website URL (if provided).

For email sign-up forms, the following information is collected and stored with a third-party email provider:

  • Your name.
  • Your email address.
  • The date/time you submitted the email signup form.

This data is used for the purposes of sending occasional offers, news and other content (related to Lift Your Game) to your email address. In the event that you no longer wish to receive such emails, you may unsubscribe and have your data removed from our email list.

How We Use Data

Lift Your Game may use the aforementioned data for purposes including:

  • Carrying out the service provided by Lift Your Game. For example, using the requested URL to serve you the correct web page.
  • Communicating with users. For example, notifying you when a blog comment is approved. In certain circumstances, this may include other vital communications that the user has not explicitly signed up for, such as changes to the way Lift Your Game operates or interacts with its users. We will only communicate with users in such a way if absolutely necessary.
  • Improving/updating the services we offer.
  • Meeting any possible legal obligations or requests by regulators/law enforcement, including those required by legal proceedings.
  • Carrying out a merger, acquisition or sale of the service and/or acquiring other services.
  • Protecting the rights, value and safety of Lift Your Game and/or its users.
  • Reporting on website performance.

Third Parties

User data may be utilized by third parties as a consequence of using our service.

  • Affiliate partners such as Amazon may collect your purchase information if you initiate or complete a transaction with them. They may also record data related to your visit to their website in accordance with their separate privacy policy. If we do receive a commission for a purchase, we may see sales data metrics that are not associated with specific users, such as what items have been ordered and their monetary value.
  • Analytics processing services may collect and store information related to your visit to our website, like your browser, country, and pages visited. This information is not personally-identifiable and is stored anonymously.
  • Businesses that provide Lift Your Game with services necessary to run our service (like mail or web hosting) may store some user data, like contact form messages and your email address/name.
  • In the event that Lift Your Game is acquired by another entity/business, the user data we have stored at that moment will become the property of the new owner(s) of the service. Anonymous metrics used in measuring website performance may be shared in negotiations for the sale of the service.
  • Lift Your Game may share user data with other entities as required to by law enforcement, state/federal regulators and/or other legal proceedings.

Plugins used to provide our service may query external APIs to show you information on a webpage. In some circumstances, the external service running the API may see your IP address and/or the browser you’re using.

Particular care is taken to keep personally-identifiable information (like your email address and name) private. For example, data transmitted to and from our site is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Lift Your Game will never share your data with or sell it to third parties except in the possible circumstances outlined above.

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