What to Wear at a Soccer Game

What to Wear at a Soccer Game

No matter how much you enjoy watching a live soccer match, getting weird glances for wearing the wrong outfit would ruin your experience. You want to enjoy the game, have fun, and look like you belong. To achieve the best experience, you must know what to wear at a soccer game.

You should wear outfits with colors that match those of the team you plan to support at the soccer game. Your footwear should be comfortable, and the rest of your clothing should consist of several layers, especially in cold weather conditions.

The rest of this article will serve as a guide to help you wear the right soccer game outfits. That way, you don’t have to endure any discomfort or embarrassment at the soccer stadium.

We’ll cover the following:

  • What to Wear at Soccer Games: Simple Guide
  • Soccer Game Outfit Ideas for Men
  • Soccer Game Outfit Ideas for Women
  • FAQ
  • Conclusion

What to Wear at Soccer Games: Simple Guide

There’re unwritten rules for the outfits people wear to the stadium – some are based on tradition and others courtesy to the soccer players; then there are those that exist for your benefit. This section will cover all of the dos and don’ts.

Match Your Favorite Team’s Colors

This is a key rule you should consider if you see a team you support. You don’t have to match team colors for every piece of clothing on you – a single fashion item is enough. This could be a simple t-shirt, scarf, cap, or jacket.

If you find that you don’t have outfits in the right color or you’re uncertain where your alliance would swing, there are places to buy these clothing items in the stadium area. However, the pricing at the stadium may be inflated, so it’s best to buy all the clothing before you get there.

Another point to remember is that if you support the away team, you might get some hostility from the home fans. There might be a little jeering and trash-talking here and there, but nothing to be alarmed about. This is part of sports, but try to sit in the section allocated to your team’s supporters.

Nevertheless, there have been instances of fans clashing during a big soccer game between rivals. If you fear for your safety, you may want to reconsider matching any team’s color. You can also stick to the team’s official scarf or wear a jacket that will allow you to conceal your shirt if the need arises.

Also, be careful so that your outfit’s colors don’t accidentally match those of the opposing team. That could cause some embarrassment and may come across as trolling to supporters next to you.

Avoid Uncomfortable Footwear

Although most soccer stadiums have seats, you may find yourself standing or walking for a significant part of your time there, particularly in the supporters’ stands. Avoid shoes that are too tight. Also, those high heels may look good with that blouse, but you should never wear them to a game. That way, you save yourself from severe foot ache after the event.

Every shoe or sandal you wear to see a football game should be comfortable, clean, and casual. Athletic sneakers are ideal for watching games but be sure not to let your kids wear their soccer cleats to the game. They will get sore feet fast and may trip with the studs.

Don’t Wear the Team’s Uniform

No matter how cute it may seem to put on the team’s full kit during a game, it remains a controversial idea. During a game, a team’s full kit should only be worn by the players. If you come dressed as one of them, you’ll likely get nasty looks from some fans.

Some might see it as overkill, and others may consider it confusing, especially in local youth games where you’re closer to the bench.

If you own a team’s uniform, there’s nothing wrong with wearing their jersey and jeans. Feel free to throw on a jacket too.

Layer Up Your Clothing

When faced with spending time in a large crowd, many soccer fans assume they’ll feel hot. This is not the case in some stadiums. The atmosphere could get breezy very quickly, and without some protection, you could find yourself shivering in minutes.

To protect yourself from sudden weather changes, we recommend wearing clothing with several layers. You could add a thick layer to warm you up and a waterproof layer to keep you dry in case of rain.

Weather conditions fluctuate at stadiums, so you should prepare to layer up and down depending on the temperature. It would be best to consider the weather conditions before leaving the house. 

Wear Flexible Outfits

You may walk a lot when you go out to watch a game. This could involve:

  • Finding your seat
  • Getting snacks
  • Walking to the bus stop
  • Getting back to your car

Since you move around a lot, your clothes should be light enough not to cause you discomfort. Also, if you’re an animated supporter, wouldn’t you rather wear something that allows you to jump and wave your arms without restrictions?

In summary, don’t wear tight shirts, shorts or pants. 

Consider Your Post-Match Destination

If you’re heading somewhere else after the game, you should probably include that fact when choosing what to wear at a soccer game. People like to go to a pub or restaurant after a game, so if you’re planning something similar, you should wear outfits that wouldn’t be out of place in the establishment.

For example, some restaurants have a shoes-only policy. That means you may want to avoid wearing your sandals to the game.

A jacket may be useful during cold weather if you plan to be out until evening.

Also, if seeing the game with your partner was the first activity on a larger date, you should only pick wears that balance out functionality and aesthetics. Later in this article, we’ll reveal some outfit ideas you can try.

Don’t Wear Expensive Jewelry

In an ideal world, this shouldn’t be a problem. Unfortunately, you can never tell where thieves and pickpockets might be lurking. A football game with a large crowd may not be the best place to sport your Rolex watch.

Leave any piece of jewelry that costs you a large sum of money or has an extreme sentimental value at home. You also avoid carrying large sums of money with you. Basically, anything that would be difficult to replace should not be on your person during a soccer game.

Check For Dress Codes

How you got tickets to a game could determine your outfit choice. If you earned it from a corporate organization as part of a hospitality program (such as a trip to see the World Cup), you may need to adhere to a dress code. You should always ask.

You may also get tickets from the soccer club. They almost always have a dress code. Check their website to see how they prefer their supporters and guests to dress.

Carry Accessories

Besides your main outfit, you may need to go along with certain accessories. These items can perform key functions or help you look even cooler!

  • Prescription Glasses or Contacts

If you’re nearsighted, you may need to bring your prescription lenses to a live soccer match. Your seats could be way back, and if you can’t see what’s happening, you may as well be watching the game on your TV at home.

  • Binoculars

This item will come in handy if you’re seated at the back. There’s a reason front-row seats are the most expensive. Rear seats can be annoying, but by bringing your binoculars, you don’t have to miss a single kick of the ball.

  • Sunglasses

You’ll only need sunglasses if the game happens on a sunny afternoon. Wearing them at night would be weird. They keep sun rays from direct contact with your eyes, so you don’t have to squint throughout the entire duration of the game.

  • Hat or Cap

We’ve talked about how wearing a cap with your team’s colors was a viable option. However, a hat can also perform the task of protecting your eyes from the sun. You can always tilt it to any angle for maximum protection. Many stadiums sell hats. These are more likely in the colors of the home team.

  • Sunscreen

This is perhaps the least common item anyone would recommend for a live game. However, it protects your skin from harsh sun rays and keeps you from developing unwanted tan lines. Wear sunscreen if the sun feels too hot, and you have sensitive skin.

  • Gloves

There’s nothing wrong with bringing gloves to a soccer game. They keep your hands warm during cold weather conditions and look great when combined with the right outfit or even sports bands.

  • Handbag

You can carry handbags or purses to games. However, stadiums usually have a maximum allowable size. This shouldn’t be a problem since you wouldn’t want to carry around a bulky bag anyway. However, check the stadium’s website before a game to see their restrictions. Usually, anything as small as a clutch is allowed.

Soccer Game Outfit Ideas for Men

Typically, men don’t put effort into looking their best for a soccer game. It’s more about representing their teams and having a fun time. However, this is not always the case, and you can find guys looking dapper at soccer games.

We’ve put together a list of outfit ideas that will meet all the requirements for attending a soccer match. 

1. Tucked Jersey and Pants

This outfit set includes a jersey, pants, sneakers, and an optional hat. The jersey should be tucked in, and the pants should have a contrasting color. The sneakers’ colors, however, can match the jersey and hat.

2. Replica Jersey and Shorts

One way you can wear the full uniform without looking like a jerk is if you wear a licensed replica jersey of the team you support. These jerseys were created for casual wear; hence, they have distinct features from the original, such as V-necks, foldable collars, side strips, crew cuts, etc. You can match the jersey with a short of the same color.

3. Contrasting Pants

If you’re going for the classic jersey and jeans look, be sure that your top has the brightest colors in your ensemble. That should be the main focus, so wear pants that have contrasting colors.

4. Varsity Jacket

When trying to pick out a jacket for a soccer game, always consider varsity jackets. They are breathable, plus they look cool.

Soccer Game Outfit Ideas for Women

Women enjoy looking good, no matter the event they’re attending. The following ideas should help add some spice to any woman’s soccer game outfit.

1. Oversized Jersey

You can look cute by wearing a jersey that’s several inches longer than your size. This will serve as a dress, and then you throw on a denim jacket and sneakers or light boots.

2. Flannel and T-Shirt

Wear flannel instead of a regular jacket with a plain t-shirt underneath. Include plain pants and shoes.

3. Layers

We’ve talked about wearing several layers of clothing to control your body temperature. Here’s an idea:

  • Long-sleeved top
  • Sweatshirt
  • Vest overtops
  • Oversized jersey (optional)
  • Thermal pants
  • Denim bottoms
  • Comfortable boots
  • Socks

4. No-Denim Pants

If you don’t want to wear jeans, you can try other options such as pants. They include loose trousers, cigarette pants, leather skirts, and paper bag bottoms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to wear to a soccer game if you don’t have a jersey?

If you can’t get your hands on an appropriate jersey, you can instead wear shorts, pants, and sneakers to a soccer game. Those are basic options, and you should have no problem taking them to a game. For more options, check out our live game outfit ideas for men and women earlier in this article.

What do you bring to watch a soccer game?

Besides your tops and bottoms, don’t forget to come with your tickets and a jacket. You should also carry some binoculars if you have a rear seat. Some sun protection also helps, with comfortable footwear and several layers of clothing in cold weather.

What should you not wear to a soccer game?

Don’t wear the following to a soccer game:

  • The team’s full uniform
  • High heels
  • Tight shoes
  • Uncomfortable clothes


Whether you consider yourself a soccer fan or not, what matters most is that you have a good time watching the game live. Picking the perfect outfit is one of the ways to ensure you enjoy your time as much as possible.

If this is your first live soccer game or you’re new to the sport, you may want to have a quick read through our post on the basics of soccer.

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